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The reason that customers often give for wanting plantation shutters is more daylight! Plantation shutters are a great solution for letting more light into a lounge, kitchen or home office, brightening up the area. But as well as improving the aesthetics of a room, letting more natural light into an indoor environment has several other benefits, such as...

 Reduced eye strain

Artificial light sometimes makes reading a little strenuous. Natural light, on the other hand, often helps with visibility and can reduce eye strain (you might even notice fewer headaches).

Increased productivity

Flooding your home or office with sunlight can increase productivity as energy levels are given a boost. Natural light can also create a happier and calmer environment. Open those window shutters wide!

More vitamin D

We all need vitamin D – it’s an essential mineral for the absorption of calcium and the prevention of osteomalacia. As many of us work in offices and other indoor environments, it’s sometimes difficult to get the vitamin D that we need. Plantation shutters let in a lot of light and can assist with vitamin D levels.

Saving money on bills

Letting in more light by opening the window shutters wide means that you’re less likely to switch on the lights! The sunlight will also warm up the room and leave you less tempted to turn up the thermostat during winter.

Increased sales

More natural light in a showroom or retail space can improve the overall look of a product - colours are more vivid increasing its attractiveness.

Should you require any more information about our plantation shutters, do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 044 5440. There’s also plenty more information on our FAQs page. We’re based in Lichfield but fit our range of shutters throughout Staffordshire.


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