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As a window shutter fitting business, we’re naturally interested in home improvement tips. Today, we’ll be sharing what we’ve picked up during many discussions with clients across Staffordshire who have tasked themselves with improving their home (often beginning with fitting new window shutters!).

Take time to choose 

When you have a particular budget to work with and if you’re likely to sell your home in the near future, choose to carry out the home improvements that will add significant value. Will your project have a decent return on investment when it’s time to sell (tip – don’t convert a bedroom into something obscure such as a library, do add an impressive home speaker system)?

Get out the paint!

A cost-effective and relatively simple improvement – a new paint job! A freshly painted home will instantly brighten up your environment so it should always be first on your list. Take time to consider your colour scheme. Perhaps an obvious point is that neutral colours will not date quickly and will appeal to almost everyone. Add colour with soft furnishings (or perhaps some bright window shutters).

Head outside

If you’re not moving house in a hurry, you’ll enjoy the benefits of planting trees. A fully grown (and looked after!) tree often adds to the appearance of your home, effectively adding to its “curb appeal”. It’s quite a cheap option too and of course provides a home to the wildlife in your area.

Let the light in with window shutters

Increased natural light will improve the overall look of your home (as well as your wellbeing and sometimes even your heating bill). Fitting attractive plantation style window shutters means that you’re able to control the level of light you’re letting in throughout the day. They’re also on trend – a great option all round we say!

A complete window shutter fitting service

Choose Grosvenor Shutters for a comprehensive window shutter fitting service. Based in Lichfield, we work throughout Staffordshire – get in touch for your fully fitted quote today. There’s also plenty of information on our FAQs page.

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